Travellers' diarrhea

  • Antibiotic prophylaxis not recommended due to the potential for adverse effects/resistance and the fact that travellers' diarrhea is usually mild and self-limiting; prompt self-treatment is effective and preferred. Counsel on handwashing and food and water precautions.
  • For therapy of specific organisms, see Gastroenteritis section.
  • Avoid antimotility agents if fever present concern for toxic megacolon.  Antimotility agents can be given to patients receiving antibiotics for travellers’ diarrhea to decrease duration of diarrhea and increase chance for a cure.
  • In the event of severe travellers' diarrhea, consider providing a 3-day supply of antibiotics, especially for immunocompromised patients, and in particular for asplenic patients as they are at increased risk of Salmonella/Campylobacter bacteremia.