Viral (pink eye)

- Unilateral with 30-50% of cases spreading to the other eye.

- Clear watery discharge, mild foreign-body sensation, burning, red eyelid, preauricular lymphadenopathy and follicular reaction.

- Onset of photophobia and ocular pain after 10-14 days in adults suggests corneal involvement (rare). Visual loss should not be present in conjunctivitis. Slit lamp examination recommended if photophobia or decreased visual acuity present.

- Prevent transmission by counseling on handwashing and avoiding personal contact. Virus viable on dry surfaces for ≥ 2 weeks.

- Typically lasts 2 to 4 weeks; highly contagious for the first 2 weeks.

- Topical corticosteroids are not recommended.

Usual Pathogens

Enterovirus including Coxsackie virus


Empiric Therapy Dose Duration
Cold compresses